Coping with Stress

Lots of people suffer from stress and anxiety, perhaps relationship or employment problems and many people are anxious about the future. When we get anxious, it can lead to stress which can exacerbate a lot of other problems. Here are some tips for coping with stress.

  • Recognize what causes you stress – in yourself, and in your particular situation
  • Learn to live with imperfection – in yourself and other people
  • Learn to delegate and share responsibility
  • Believe in a good image of yourself – others can think well of you if you don’t think well of yourself
  • Express your feelings
  • Find and keep a strong group of friends – it’s important to have support
  • Don’t make all your major life changes at one – i.e. new job, moving house, marriage, new baby etc.
  • Learn to say NO
  • Don’t be competitive all the time
  • Reduce noise levels – take some time to enjoy the silence
  • Try to eat healthy, nutritious meals, avoiding sugars, fats, and junk food
  • Try meditation
  • Slow down your movements – it will help slow down your mind
  • Be aware of your breath – learn some breathing techniques to help you when you’re stressed
  • Learn to relax properly – practice relaxing postures for at least a few minutes every day.

Yoga therapy can promote general emotional balance and can assist with mood regulation, below are some yoga postures that you could try that will help to relieve stress. I have attached a video if you would like to practice the flow.

Yoga Sequence to Help Relieve Stress

Child’s Pose – This rests the posture and benefits the lymphatic nervous system

Cat/Cow – Stretches the lower back, massages the organs

Cobra – Opens the chest, relieves muscle pain

Extended Puppy Pose – Calms the mind, stretches muscles

Wide Leg Forward Fold – Cools the nervous system, Relives stress, fatigue & mild depression

Eagle Pose – Improves concentration, strengthens and stretches muscles, reduces fatigue

Seated Forward Fold – Stretches muscles, provides relief in menopause, kidneys, liver and ovaries, relaxes the mind

Bridge – Gentle stretch for the back and legs, brings calmness to the mind and reduces anxiety

Shoulderstand or legs up the wall – Improves circulation, soothes the nervous system

Plough – Stretches muscles, stimulates the Thyroid, reduces fatigue

Happy Baby – Enhances the mood, calms the mind and body, reduces fatigue

Savasana – Cools down the mind and body, triggers a state of deep relaxation

Yoga for Stress Relief – On-Line Course

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