Yoga for Stress Relief

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yoga for stress relief

Stress is something that affects most people’s lives at some stage. This short course has seven lessons which include: the symptoms of stress, tips on Mindfulness and two mindfulness exercises. A meditation video, advice on diet and food that can help alleviate stress, plus three recipes. A step-by-step yoga for stress asana, which includes a downloadable ebook, and a yoga sequence for relaxation video, there is also a free downloadable 7-day Gratitude Journal where you can record your thoughts and feelings.


  1. What is Stress
  2. Meditation for Stress
  3. Nutrition for Stress Relief
  4. Mindfulness
  5. Restorative Yoga Flow
  6. Advice and Support
  7. Yoga for Stress Relief
  8. Free Graditude Journal
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