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High Crescentt Lunge

Hi, I’m Sharon, I’m a qualified yoga instructor and nutritionist. I teach at Namaste Hatha Yoga and love how yoga brings my students together and brings a sense of longing and community. However, I realise that not everybody can attend classes for various reasons, Perhaps you live too far away from your nearest class or have an illness or don’t like leaving home, and there are many reasons people can’t attend yoga classes.

Namataste Hatha Yoga Online offers a yogi community from the comfort of your home. With a selection of yoga on-demand videos, live yoga classes, online yoga classes for businesses and private online yoga classes which include gentle hatha yoga, vinyasa yoga, meditation, restorative yoga chair yoga and yoga Nidras, there is something for everyone

I have undertaken a Nutrition and Lifestyle in Pregnancy Course by Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München (LMU), ‘Understanding Obesity’ by The University of Edinburgh, Yoga & Physiology by New York University, and have recently completed a course in the Science of Exercise by the University of Colorado Boulder.

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