Private Yoga Classes

Tailored to You

Deepen your practice with one-to-one private yoga classes, private workplace yoga classes and private small-group yoga sessions.

Individual Private Yoga

Fast-track your practice with 1-2-1 yoga sessions. We will set a course plan to get you on your way to a deeper practice.

Workplace Private Yoga

Promote wellness for your teams optimum physical & mental health. Gaining motivation and reducing sickness.

Private Group Yoga

Small group Private Yoga classes. Practice Yoga / Meditation / Breathing together within your own closed group.

Private class prices

Book online or in person. Book a class pack of 5 classes and save 10% off the total price, or 20% off with a Blue or Purple Yogi subscription subscription.


DurationIndividual5 Class Block
30 Mins£40.00£180.00
45 Mins£50.00£225
60 Min£60,00£270.00

In Person

DurationIndividual5 Class Block
30 mins£70.00£315.00
45 mins£80.00£360.00
60 mins£90.00£405.00

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