Workplace Private Yoga

workplace private yoga

The benefits of workplace private yoga classes are enormous for both the employee and employer.

Yoga, meditation and mindfulness have been well-documented for their ability to reduce stress and improve health. In the workplace, reduced stress and improved health can equate to better productivity and creativity and reduced absenteeism.

The HSE estimates that almost 10 million lost working days per annum are due to musculoskeletal problems**)

My classes will leave your employees feeling relaxed, energised and rejuvenated giving them a fresh perspective for the rest of the day, improving team spirit and bringing a lighter atmosphere to the workplace

**Pricewaterhouse Coopers “Building the Case for Wellness

Bring your global/national teams together with live online private classes. Private classes are available to suit your time and duration.

Work From Home?

If you’re one of the many people who work from home, why not take a break and try some yoga? You could also team up with other members of your team or company.

What type of yoga will We Do in Workplace Yoga?

We will be undertaking a mixture of yoga for beginners, gentle Hatha yoga and relaxation/restorative yoga. Nothing too taxing and you don’t have to be flexible or super fit to enjoy and benefit from yoga. Please feel free to email me with any questions or use the form, below to find out more

Workplace Private Yoga classes are currently available online

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