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Managing the Menopause with Yoga

Managing the menopause with yoga & diet

Yoga reduces stress, creates positivity and promotes a healthy lifestyle. It also helps to balance the endocrine and hormonal systems making it an excellent therapeutic way to help with the transition into menopause

This online therapeutic course will help you understand the symptoms of menopause, provide tips for a healthy menopause, provides breathing exercises, yoga sequences & poses and meditations to help you alleviate the symptoms of menopause. The course also provides a 4-week diet plan with 5 days of weekly recipes for Breakfast, Lunch and Evening Meal.


  1. What is the Menopause
  2. Symptoms of the Menopause
  3. Keeping the Heart Healthy
  4. Looking After Mental Health
  5. Keeping the Bones Strong in Menopause
  6. Breathwork - Ujjayi pranayama
  7. Alternate nostril breathing
  8. Yoga Flow to Help with Menopause
  9. Meditation - Yoga Meditation
  10. Meditation - Third Eye Meditation
  11. Meditation - Heart Chakra Meditation
  12. Free Ebook - Yoga Sequence for Stress
  13. 4 Week Meal Plan
  14. Tips for a Healthy Menopause
  15. Free Gratitude Journal
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