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  • Managing the Menopause with Yoga

    Managing the Menopause with Yoga

    Yoga alleviates stress, enhances positivity, and promotes health. It balances hormonal systems, aiding in menopause transition. This course covers menopause symptoms, tips for a healthy menopause, breathing exercises, yoga sequences, meditations, and a 4-week diet plan with weekly recipes.

  • Yoga for Stress Relief

    Yoga for Stress Relief

    Stress is something that affects most people’s lives at some stage. This short course has seven lessons which include: the symptoms of stress, tips on Mindfulness and two mindfulness……

  • 3 Day Vinyasa Course

    3 Day Vinyasa Course

    A three-day Vinyasa yoga video course offers sessions on full-body flow, core strength, and the eagle pose. Non-members can rent all three videos for 21 days at £4.99.

  • 14 Day Yoga for Weight Loss

    14 Day Yoga for Weight Loss

    As well as calming the mind yoga is excellent for losing weight and toning the body. Take my 14-Day Yoga for Weight loss course which is available as a……