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Bringing Yoga to You

On-Demand Yoga

On-demand yoga is perfect for anyone who prefers practising in their own private space or who can’t commit to a regular yoga class. There are lots of on-demand yoga videos here for you whenever you need them. Simply log-in and play, bringing yoga to you, when and where you want. Practise when it suits you to fit in with work, family and life commitments.

Yoga at Home

Live On-Line Yoga

Weekly live online yoga classes using Zoom. Classes for everyone from complete beginners to yoga athletes: Vinyasa Yoga, Hatha Yoga,Power flow yoga, gentle yoga, restorative yoga, chair yoga and meditation. Enjoy practicing yoga and meditation from the privacy of your own home. Ideal if you can’t get to a local yoga class. Check my schedules to find a class that suits you.

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Private Yoga Classes

Deepen your practice with private yoga classes. One-to-one yoga, corporate yoga and small group yoga sessions exclusively available for you. Perfect your alignment, find calm, learn to meditate and breathe these are a just a few class themes available. A bespoke learning with an infinity of possibilities for your personal development. Either via Zoom or in person*

On-Line Yoga Courses
FREE for Members

On-Line Courses

Deepen your knowledge and understanding our yoga with our range of On-line Courses, whether you want to learn Vinyasa yoga, try yoga for stress relief, yoga for weight loss, yoga to unblock the chakras, there are many courses to choose from and undertake in your own time and pace.

All Inclusive


We offer small , inclusive Yoga Retreats for small groups of 7-12 people to create unique Yoga tribes. Come and meet new friends, share amazing memories and relax at one of our luxury retreats.

Subscription Plans

Choose Your Flexible Plan

Blue Yogi


Per month

Best for Beginners

Free downloads of Restorative Yoga & Meditation
Free Access to All Live Classes
Access to Our Yoga App
Free Access to On-Line Courses & Workshops
10% Discount Off Yoga Retreats
20% OFF All Products & Videos
20% OFF Private Yoga Classes

Purple Yogi


Per month*

*Paid in One Annual Payment

Free downloads of Hatha Yoga & Vinyasa Yoga
Free downloads of Restorative Yoga & Meditation
Free Download of special category videos (i.e. Chair Yoga, Yoga for Golfers.)
Free Access to All Live Classes
Access to Our Yoga App
Free Access to On-Line Courses & Workshops
20% Discount Off Yoga Retreats
20% Off All Products & Videos
20% OFF Private Yoga Classes

Yogi Tourist


One-Off Payment*

For yogis who are on holiday or working away (*Expires after 2 Weeks)

Free downloads of Hatha Yoga & Vinyasa Yoga,
Free downloads of Restorative Yoga & Meditation
Free Download of special category videos (i.e. Chair Yoga, Yoga for Golfers.)
Free Access to All LIVE Classes
20% Discount Off Yoga Retreats
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Try on-demand yoga and live online yoga classes FREE for 30 Days

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Frequently Asked Questions

What style of yoga are the classes?

The classes include vinyasa yoga classes, hatha yoga, power yoga, meditation, restorative yoga. There are also special classes such as yoga for golfers, chair yoga, yoga for bad backs, Yoga for tennis players etc. The lessons start from 15 minutes to a full 60 minute class.

Do you offer yoga workshops?

Yes! We offer workshops for specific audiences (e.g. beginners, chronic fatigue, anxiety etc.) or styles of class (e.g. Relaxation, restorative yoga, Yoga Nidra). They are generally held on a monthly basis so keep checking back in for updates, or join my social, media or newsletter for updates straight to your inbox.

What platform are the yoga classes hosted on?

The live yoga classes are streamed directly from the website meaning you don’t need to do anything other than log into your account. The on-demand videos are available for members to watch or download.

What’s the Difference Between Live On-Line Yoga & On-Demand Yoga

Both on-lime and o-demand yoga are taught in the privacy of your home, on your mobile, iPad, laptop or smart TV. 

Live online Yoga is taught in real time over a Zoom meeting. You need attend the class via Zoom at a particular time. 

On-demand Yoga are pre-recorded videos which you can play and practice along with whenever it suits your lifestyle and schedule. 

How long are the classes?

The yoga classes last from 15 minutes to 1 hour. Yoga Nidra and relaxation classes can be longer than 60 minutes.

How do I join the yogi community??

There are three membership levels which offer different levels of access. The membership starts from £12.00 per month. You can find more information about joining our community here

Which countries can I join from?

With the power of the internet you can join from any country. Share your yogi journey with our international community. Payments are processed by Stripe who accept payments from 135+ countries

Will you be adding more classes in the future??

New classes and on demand videos are added regularly.

Do you provide yoga for children?

No we don’t provide yoga specifically for children, but older children may find that they enjoy practicing with you

Do I need any specialist equipment?

No all you need to do is log onto your Membership account from your computer, smart phone or table. You will also find us on our App. You just need a comfortable place to practice and a yoga mat or towel and you can practice yoga at home, work or in your hotel room.

What’s the cancellation Policy?

You may cancel at any time from within your membership area or email sharon@namastehathayoga.online if you need any help or have any questions

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